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Sanny and Luis seamlessly merge their passion for horses with their extensive global business expertise. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that they are introducing world-renowned horse-assisted leadership and team seminars to Colorado. This endeavor aims to enhance leadership skills, bolster change management and transformation efforts, and foster the development of high-performing teams within both small and large enterprises and organizations.


Sanny Cassani

Sanny Cassani, an accredited master of riding and a professional riding instructor certified by the FN German Equestrian Federation, possesses an abiding passion for horses that has been cultivated over years spent working with these magnificent animals across various disciplines. However, her life took a profound turn following a serious accident. Despite the immense challenges, Sanny's resilience led her to graduate from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, where she honed her skills in marketing, sales, event management, and project management, gaining invaluable experience across diverse industries.

With her unique blend of business acumen and profound equine expertise, Sanny Cassani discovered her true calling and destiny. In her native Tyrol, she established Destiny GmbH and embarked on a journey to expand its presence globally, including locations in South Africa, Dubai, and Colorado. As a graduate business coach and a certified partner of HorseDream®, she dedicates herself particularly to management seminars and one-on-one coaching.

Sanny possesses a remarkable ability to connect with "troublesome horses," transforming them into high-performance equine partners. She imparts her knowledge to both riders and horses, employing her "Serenity Exercises" to instill the necessary calmness in horses, enabling them to interact safely with people and children.


Luis Praxmarer

Luis Praxmarer completed his engineering education in Innsbruck, Austria. After spending decades working in various countries, including Germany, the USA, and the Middle East, and pursuing part-time studies in business administration at Regis University in Colorado Springs, USA, he eventually returned to his native Tyrol. Throughout his career, he has been deeply involved in education, sales, marketing, consulting, and market research. He is the visionary behind several successful companies and possesses a wealth of knowledge in organizational matters, employee training, and leadership. Luis is a seasoned keynote speaker, captivating audiences with his insights.

Recognized as an authority in the utilization of emerging information technologies and future trends in the global IT market, Luis Praxmarer provides expert guidance to numerous leading companies.

From a young age, he nurtured a profound passion for horses and even owned the esteemed Five Star & Ranch Equestrian Center in Colorado for an extended period. As a certified partner of HorseDream®, he leverages his expertise to design and enhance specialized leadership, change management, and transformation training programs tailored to the needs of companies seeking profound growth and development.

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